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@Smokey6Figs is back after 9 days in Monterrey Mexico for his best friend and UFC contender Andre Fili's fight. Smoke Jones and @JamieJones1word discuss Jadakiss brand new album and Jamie says that Jadakiss is a better MC than Biggie, MF Doom, a brand new song from Chance the Rapper, hanging out with murderers, Thanksgiving plans and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the Show at iTunes, stitcher, or WildJones.com. The second annual Wild Jones Winter Warm Up Clothing Drive is coming up on December 19th in Sacramento. We will collect sweaters, coats, blankets and slightly worn shoes. Jamie will buying brand new warm socks and lip balm with donations. If you would like to donate goto Paypal.com and give to the email address Charity@WildJones.com . 100 percent of your donation goes to new socks and Lip Balm

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In this hilarious episode, @JamieJones1word and @JimmyDreek break down the Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm fight. The guys go over the whole night and explain how @JimmyDreek called this victory in February, why he thought Holm would win the exact way she did, how Ronda's striking looked very elementary, Edmonds advice, social media and how many people were happy she lost, can she actually make her striking good enough to compete with Holly, is the blueprint set, and a lot more. Team alpha male fighter and friend of the show David Mitchell stopped in to chat about the fights, his submission grappling tournament and seeing his upcoming opponent for West Coast Fighting Championships "King of Sacramento event, Max Griffin at the  grappling event, why theirs so much animosity between the two guys, what the public should expect from this fight, and a lot more. Part 2 of our interview will be out soon. Subscribe on iTunes, stitcher, and WildJones.com, Search Sativa Sports Talk or Wild Jones Podcast.

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While @JimmyDreek was away on an acting gig, @Jamiejones1word recruited his friend Eric Soares and wife, Charleen Jones to fill in and talk current events like the Mizzou scandal, Starbucks, the presidential races, Black Lives Matters, music, racism, taxes and a whole lot more! This was a really deep and no holds barred discussion. Subscribe to the show on iTunes or stitcher, search Wild Jones Podcast, or at WildJones.com

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@Smokey6Figs and @JamieJones1word are back with an all new Smoke N J's. This week the guys start with Stand up from One of the greatest comedians ever, Patrice Oneal, then discus Scarface's new album, cooking, coffee, and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher, or WildJones.com.

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@jimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word are back with a bang!! After a couple weeks off the guys bring Team Alpha Male Muay Thai fighter DJ Roberson tells us about his upcoming Muay Thai Fight with the Muay Thai Global promotion, why he's better than he was on his last fight, the importance of having your life in order, what religion has done for him, and more. The guys also had on Team Alpha Male Jui Jitsu coach and participant in the No Gi World Championships this upcoming weekend, Dustin Akbari sits down to tell the guys about how hes feeling for this tournament, partying, sex before fights, bad weight cuts in the past, taking 2 years off and a whole lot more. this is for sure one of the best episodes in a long time!! Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher or WildJones.com

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@Smokey6Figs and @JamieJones1word welcome stand up comedian Bill Galloway (@BillDogGalloway) to this episode of Smoke N J's. The guys start the show with a new song from Joe Budden called "SlaughterMouse", and then discuss stand up, Jamie's first and second time getting on stage, Bill's recent gig at the Punchline in San Francisco, the overall grind, making music, new bay area rapper named G-Val, the shitty 49ers, Smoke Jones upcoming MMA Fight, and a lot more. Dont miss this really funny episode. Subscribe on iTunes, stitcher or WildJones.com

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@Smokey6Figs and @JamieJones1word are back with an all new Smoke N J's. This week the guys discuss Smoke Jones training to fight again, the Hyphy movement, Atlanta Rapper Father, Tech N9ne, instincts of a human being, and a lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher or Wildjones.com

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This week @Smokey6figs and @JamieJones1word discuss Smokey's youtube journeythrough E40 guest verses, behind the scenes of Stud Show Radio's 100th episode, Paige Vanzant's social media, is Young Thug a deadbeat dad, is dressing like a girl ok, how brutal comment sections are online, and hella more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher or wildjones.com.

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This week on SST, @Jamiejones1word celebrates @JimmyDreek 's and Team Alpha Male going undefeated on the 2 MMA shows that were in Sacramento last weekend. Jim has been working pretty closely with 3 of the 6 guys that fought, so they, along with Team Alpha Male fighter Owen "The Body" Carr, broke down the fights, talked strategy, the feeling of watching your fighter win, Tj leaving the gym and what happened on Stud Radio last week and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, stitcher, or wildjones.com.

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@SMokey6Figs and @JamieJones1word are back with an all new Smoke N J's. This week the guys discuss last weekends MMa fights that were in Sacramento, the after party, @JimmyDreek 's training style, rules to getting women, hip Hop and a whole lot more. They play music from Run The Jewels 2, Jay Rock, Sy the White Guy and more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes or stitcher, search Wild Jones Podcast or at Wild Jones.com.

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