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Team Alpha Male fighter and the #1 ranked amateur 125 pounder in California Cynthia Calvillo (@Cynthia.Cal) is the guest this week on Sativa Sports Talk. Listen in to this hilarious episode and hear Cynthia, Jamie and Jimmy react to the news of Jon Jones alleged hit and run, Cynthia starting MMA in her native San Jose, wether she could date a guy she could beat up, where she wants her first pro fight to be, winning the 125 pound amateur title, fighting on the street, arriving at team Alpha Male, traing with Paige VanZant, Urijah Faber, TJ Dillashaw, and the rest of the team, Justin Buchholz fixing his own broken nose, Jimmy Dreeks tennis match and a whole lot more. Subscribe, comment and rate to this show on iTunes, Stitcher and everywhere else you can find a podcast.

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In this hilarious episode of SST, longtime Urijah Faber's Ultimate Fitness member and amatuer boxer Mike Mcintyre joins @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word to discuss everything boxing and MMA. Mike tells Jamie how to get legit to compete in boxing, how he started boxing, how he's been with coach Joe Guevara since the beginning, the boxing class that Mike and Jamie take together and some of the characters in it, they also break down UFC 186 and pick winners. All that and a whole lot more in this episode of Sativa Sports Talk. Please subscribe on iTunes or stitcher, search Wild Jones Podcast or Sativa Sports Talk and comment and rate as well. Show is brought to you by crowncalifa.com, @SoCalVapeLounge, and larchmontcc.com.

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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word welcome Team Alpha Male amatuer fight Josiah McHale (@Siah_McHale) to SST. This episode the guys discuss the awesome card from this weeks UFC on Fox, including Paige Vanzant's dominating win over Felice Herrig, Luke Rockhold's easy win ove Machida, Max Hollaway dominating Cub Swanson, and the rest of it, Josiah growing up in Ultimate Fitness, taking his first fight, fighting amatuers, and more. Jamie has an update on his new movie that will be released really soon, the great boxing match from Lucas Matthysse and Provodnikov, the hilarious Stud Show Radio episode from thursday, Adam Corrigans Muay Thai victory from last week, and a whole lot more. 

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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word are back with a brand new #SST. This episode, their guest is Flawless Boxing and Fitness Head Coach and @TeamAlphaMaleMMA Boxing Coach Joey Rodriguez Sr. @Coach_Joey916 tells the guys how he got started in Boxing as a teenager, coming up under one of the best trainers ever, being good friends with legend Diego Corrales, how he started training fighters, his relatively quick rise in stature since going out on his own, the differences between MMA and boxing, working with elite talent in Boxing and MMA,  his recent trip to Virginia to corner Chad Mendez and a whole lot more. Dont miss this deep and funny conversation with a guy who is really smart, loves what does, and does'nt take himself too seriously. He's a great example of a guy from the hood who found his lane and is maximizing his oppurtunities. Please subscribe, comment and rate the show on iTunes or stitcher. 

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This episode @JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word talk about the WildJones/Hashtag Lunchbag feeds the Homeless event that was on Sunday. Through donations from listeners and friends, they were to feed almost 500 people. Then Team Alpha Male Savage Jarel Askew joins the show and tells us about the Mortal Kombat tournament he just won. He also explains why he wasnt happy with a 60 second triangle choke(that he called on our show before the fight) in his last fight and how he's headed over to Vegas in a couple of weeks for the Ultimate Fighter tryouts.

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This episode @JimmyDreek amd @JamieJones1word talk about Jamie winning their own NCAA pool, if anybody cares about Gonzaga vs Cro Cop, Thier new sponsor CrownCalifa.com, is the word pollock by itself offensive, Urijah on Studshow radio last night, why people hate Cyborg for steroids but love Cowboy Cerrone, the Diaz brothers and a whole lot more. PLease subscribe on iTunes or stitcher, search Sativa Sports Talk or if you would like all the shows on the network, search Wild Jones Podcast Super Funny Episode!!

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This week @JamieJones1word and @JimmyDreek have 2 very special guests. First on Friday the guys sat down with Sacramento Team Carnage MMA fighting legend Jaime Jara. Listen in as they discuss his early fights, fighting on Showtime, getting his black belt in Jiu Jitsu, fighting out of North Highlands, the people that helped him along the way and more. And then on Sunday fresh off the plane from cornering Clay Guida at UFC Fight Night 63, World Series Of Fighting Champion Lance "The Party" Palmer. Hear all about the UFC show from behind the scenes, hear about Lance's college wrestling career, the decision to move to Sacramento and join team Alpha Male, why he was scared to death on his first mma fight, winning the 145 pound WSOF belt, his upcoming fight in Alberta Canada in June, and a lot more, dont miss out on the super hilarious conversation. Both thes guys were gret guests to make this one of their funnest shows yet. Subscribe Comment and rate the show on iTunes or stitcher, search Sativa Sports talk.

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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word are back with a brand new SST. This week the guys discuss training at Ultimate Fitness, the NCAA Tourney Pool(Jamie is in the lead), they talk Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo, Cyborgs butt, gay rights, This weeks UFC fight night and the guys make predictions, Mendes and Clay Guida, and a whole lot more. Please comment, rate and subscribe to the show on iTunes and stitcher, search Sativa Sports Talk.

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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word are back with a brand new Sativa Sports Talk. This week the guys talk weed, Wrestlemania, Jim's acting role, Jamie's crazy weekend, upcoming fights, The NCAA tournament pool and how Jamie is in the lead, The Wild Jones/Hashtag Lunchbag charity event on Sunday april 12th, and a lot more. Please subscribe, comment and rate on iTunes or Stitcher, search Sativa Sports Talk and  Wild Jones Podcast

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@JimmyDreek and @JamieJones1word are back with an all new Sativa Sports Talk. This week they discuss the mood in the gym after TJ Dillashaw's injury, the new acting role Jimmy was casted in, some of some of Jamie's stories of working on commercial sets in Los Angeles, an update on the movie Jamie produced and directed, Cyborg getting signed by the UFC, MMA fighters wearing spandex in the gym, and a whole lot more. Dont miss this hilarious episode. Subscribe, comment and rate the show on iTunes or Stitcher, search Sativa Sports Talk or Wild Jones Podcast.

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